May 01, 2005

This is the Jacket! (sorry about the camera phone quality) I have to say as each day goes past I love this jacket more. I was being heavily influenced by Moghul style court robes whilst knitting this! The only design feature which really does reflect this is the neckline, when I initially basted the fronts to the back I was mortified by the narrowness of the neck, but once it was on, I loved the way the neckline sat, the little black collar highlighted this nicely. The design in my mind was to have front plackets for the buttons and side splits but as it knitted up I felt the fabric was too thick for this.


Anonymous Jenny said...

Hey, found you again! I love this one too. It will be great to see it on. Still plugging away at my jacket. Have decided after blocking it my fit after all.

6:58 pm  

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