May 02, 2005

I Loved this...

You Know You're From New Zealand When...

You know what to do in an Earthquake: get into the nearest doorway before any other bugger and say, "Nah, i don't reckon it's the big one this time. We'll be right"

You can hum the theme song to Coronation street.

You know what apples really taste like (and that there are more than four different kinds)

You know rugby league is not, and never will be, an international sport.

You're not sure about cricket, either. Or hockey. Or netball. Or swimming. Or the women's 400m. Or any other sport in which Australia are world champions. Yes, you're even having doubts about real rugby.

You know what happened to the lead singer of Push Push

You're seen split Enz, or former members thereof, performing live at least once

You reckon anyone who carries on about how great they are is an up-themselves wanker. Or an Australian.

You wouldn't dream of wearing thongs on your feet. Thats what jandals are for.

The name "Chappell" still makes you queasy

You know someone who worked on The Lord of the Rings or Xena

You wish Fitzy, Zinzan and Josh were still playing for the ABs.

The dairy sells more than just stuff from cows

You rolled Snifters, rather then Jaffas, down the aisle at the movies

You know something's horribly wrong if you've been driving for more then 2 hours without the scenery changing.

The words "NZ cricket victory" just don't sound right, somehow.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from New Zealand.

May 01, 2005

This should be good! Posted by Hello

This is a really bad photo... but its a really cute jacket! I still need to crochet loop buttonholes and buttons. I am pleased as punch with this, it was knitted with no pattern. The neckline is better than what I was expecting. The sleeves initially seemed snug, but they do fit my forearm, so I expect they will fit a 3-5 year old. It is designed to be an overjacket kind of thing. Posted by Hello

This is the Jacket! (sorry about the camera phone quality) I have to say as each day goes past I love this jacket more. I was being heavily influenced by Moghul style court robes whilst knitting this! The only design feature which really does reflect this is the neckline, when I initially basted the fronts to the back I was mortified by the narrowness of the neck, but once it was on, I loved the way the neckline sat, the little black collar highlighted this nicely. The design in my mind was to have front plackets for the buttons and side splits but as it knitted up I felt the fabric was too thick for this.

So my inner European is Italian!

This is one quiz I liked the response to! There was a "what yarn are you" quiz somewhere -I was acrylic double knit or something... Needless to say that's one quiz I considered to be bollocks!

This week has been very relaxing, the last week of the school holidays so I made the most of it. Next week back to early starts, homework tantrums and trying to remember which sports ground at what time on which day! I even took half a day off to go to Robots with my son. What a great movie! It was most enjoyable, I loved the imaginative world where everything was quite different to the human world especially their take on public transport!

Knitting has been as relaxed as I have. And its been all about finishing this week, I've finished the jacket for Dulaan, I'm attempting to finish the gloves - but for some reason the middle finger isn't making sense this time. I've also whacked out a beanie for my son to match the jumper I knitted last year for him. Am also chugging along with Kiri - managed to do another pattern repeat, and this is what I'll work on today.

I am yet to decide on the next garment project, my stash options are; the white acrylic/mohair/wool mix for daughter - it didn't look appealing in a garter stitch swatch which was to be the Cowl from SnB1 so back to the designing board with this one; the blue Utiki yarn in a cable zip cardi for me - currently don't have the patience needed to wind this into balls; a scarf from the lonely ball of black mohair silk (Naturally brand) - don't feel like knitting a rectangle at the moment, although am talking myself into a cowl with it; so maybe it is time to just do a few small projects - maybe a hat for me, or maybe a jumper for the cutest nephew in some stash homespun... aaah the dilemma!

Friday night was knitting heaven for me, after work I made the pilgrimage to the LYS in downtown to choose some yarn for a jersey planned for DP. Ah it was bliss! Lots of too-ing and fro-ing, lots of touching and rubbing, and fortunately the shop experienced a lull and I was able to start question time with the manager - she was great! The final decision was a Touch Yarn 8 ply in cranberry which is to be ordered with an ETA of 2-3 weeks. After all the touching and rubbing the only choice was Touch Yarns, her yarn is so soft and nothing else compared, even though the temptation to use 10 or 12 ply for speed, the scratchiness of most of that ply was just too off putting - after all this is going to be for the number one man! What else was great was to just chat to the lovely LYS manager about everything knitting, she has been in the trade for 25 years and is still passionate! That is cool.

Ok my friends, until next time.