April 12, 2005

she done gone crazy

why? Well my friends, knitting can do that to a girl.

The Jacket is 90% done workwise but boy do I have 50% of the frustration to go! I was soooo pleased with myself, I worked all the weekend to get the bulk knitting done, on Sunday when it all the pieces were complete and nicely stitched together - and I mean nice backstitched with nice neat stitches close to the edge - I sweet talked DP into driving me to the LYS so I could get a contrast yarn for the edging (beautiful Rare Yarn boucle in a natural black). The sleeve edging is perfect, the tiny stand-up collar is just right, the hem edging was fine - until - I laid it out this morning and saw to my horror the right front hung on an angle 1 inch longer than the left front... slash my knitting wrists I say. The irony? well as you know I was knitting this on the down - the right front and the back were the exact length and perfectly even - the left front was longer and I slipped my needle through the stitches and frogged to level, if anything this should be the front I have issues with! In a double irony - the uneven front (right) actually looks nicer than the nice straight one (left)... so I've threaded a circular through the left, am going to cut the bugger do a few short rows and then graft. Confused - I am. I'm not looking forward to it, my grafting is dodgy to say the least. Will keep you posted.

On a second frustrating note, I had to frog the kiri shawl, I had somehow ended up 5 stitches to short on one side, this compounded with a glitch which I was prepared to ignore earlier on. So I thought bugger it, frog it, and re-do it. And like a phoenix from the flames it is reborn. This process was the learning experience I needed to understand how the pattern was working. Once I had it off the needle - I saw how the shawl was built, I hadn't realised that the edging which I was knitting would become the top edge. Also somehow by doing all this, my brain began to "see" the knitting better - so I am able to immediately pick up any errors from the row below - make sense?

I'll pop some photo's up of this in the next couple of days.

I've been catching up on my blog reading, how on earth are other knitters so blimmin prolific? I've got knit envy...

Anyhow - better get on with work.

catch ya soon


Anonymous Jenny said...

Hey Genny gotcha! Up to here anyway. How wierd that after speaking to you, next time I looked suddenly it was all there. Did you do something - press a button? Loved the lacy scarf you gave to your mum. And I know what you mean about Kiri and it suddenly all falling into place. I've thought overnight about pulling back the end of my shawl and growing it a bit more but I'll see the birthday girl who it was intended for on Saturday so no time really and I tried it on myself and its ok short. I might start a new one for me soon and make it lovely and long cos I really enjoyed doing it.
OK the money man will be here in a minute to try and get our superann back on track! See you

10:20 am  

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