April 18, 2005

If knitting really does reflect life then

I'm stuffed! Especially if my constant frustrations around garments I knit for myself is anything to go by!
Yes the jacket is finished - yippee! however I'm a bit frustrated about the fit around the shoulders, (I do still need to block the bugger... hoping for a blocking miracle)therefore I am frustrated, pee'd off and generally not showing anyone because of my despair.

GENNY GET THIS INTO PERSPECTIVE (or prospectus as someone I work with says!)

why? well you didn't use a pattern - it fits nice (apart from the shoulders) the design works well and it is finished really neatly (yes even after the cut and graft episode)and you can't help that you look like a nana in it after all you are a 37 yo with hips, juicy butt and belly - not a vogue model! Seriously though - you look fine...

so there!

and on further knitting news, the shawl is a treat to knit and I'm about a 5th of the way.. really only get about 8 rows done at a time.

Am halfway through my Dulaan project - a boxy jacket in green with a maroon stripe, knit from edge to edge in tight garter stitch using the leftover wool company 10 ply - should probably fit about a 5-6 year old (oh yes, I'm flying with no pattern again!)

and there is one mutant glove still awaiting the birth of its twin.

and as far as life goes - I have been in the midst of a very busy and stress inducing week or two, I'm going through a learning curve combined with a deadline at one of the jobs, throw this in with a bucket load of abusive, mean, vile teenage behaviour directly aimed at the woman who is "not even a proper mother" plus other poetic words from her I've blocked out! Thank god its the school holidays and I can pack her on a plane and ship her off to my brother and his wife. Mind you knowing my luck, with them being proper mothers and fathers, the teen will just come back with more examples of good parenting to compare my inadequate attempts to!

Then to top it off I seem to be having trouble breathing! (connected you think? no...) I haven't had asthma for YEARS (8 at least). It is a bad season for asthma, my DP has had to increase his puffer intake, either that or it's a reaction to the supplements I've just been given. Nothing serious, and a good reason for a bit of self pity I say!

I do have some photo's from the phone to upload when next I'm blogging from home.

have a great monday - and I look forward to catching you all later


Anonymous Mo said...

Asthma is the PITS!!! It's just so irritating and toally stab-worthy, if you ask me!
Are you gonna post some pictures of your finished jacket, I wanna see?!
I just wanted to let you know that you have to put the DSK button up! If you don't know how, let me know and I'll be happy to help you out :D

6:41 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Genny, just read something about Meetup.com charging groups to register from next month - know anything about it?

12:09 am  

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