March 30, 2005

do you like the chair huh? I've been waiting for this chair for years.... oooh baby - I've even knitted in it.. aah

oh but on a sad sad note.. the poncho dying went bad bad bad... I normally dye in the microwave (good temperature control, not much rubbing) but this was too big, so I threw it in the machine as per instructions... of course I wasn't thinking - because with the wisdom of hindsight, it was a very feltable yarn... so it is a little felted... mmm it may become a bag... farewell lovely poncho, hello funky bag.

oh and on a bright note - I found the lost sleeves, they had stowed away in a car they weren't meant to be in!!

okay yáll - have a great thursday

Oh and this, this baby is my knitting chair... aaah .. it rocks - literally! Gently rocks, and the best thing is the arms are just the perfect height for knitting - high enough to rest the elbows but not so high the knitting needles constantly catch them... aahh I think it needs a knitted rug, don't you?  Posted by Hello

This bad picture is about my lovely new wool. The red is perfect, its a 4 ply touch yarns - I was going to make a very lacy shawl out of this, but it looks so much better with an eyelet lace on a stocking stitch background - so I'll keep swatching and see how I go Posted by Hello

Here is the finished scarf - unfortunately it looks like a booby in this photo, but trust me - it was great it really was!! Posted by Hello

hello there - this is a close up of the scarf I've just finished, I decided to give it to my mum. Posted by Hello

Hello Happy Easter Bunnies

Four day weekends... should be at least once a week..

For the sake of finishing something, I finished the scarf - photos abound some where. The short row booby shaping blocked nicely to become a nice gradual shoulder shape which allowed the scarf to drape nicely over the shoulders. As it was very Nana in the Rocker looking, I decided to give it to my Mum. She said all the right things! Mums aye..

Easter was lovely, it was great to have a flying visit home and catch up with the family. The short trip meant I was also able to catch up on all sorts at home as well, like ironing... and sleep! Alas no wool shops open in Gizzy..

The jacket is progressing, nearly finished the sleeves - although I had a sleepless night trying to design all the added features, one of which was to be short row shaping at the elbows as in tailoring, but I forgot until I'd reached the armhole. Oh well. The other things I'm planning on doing is short row shaping from the hips down. Also a contrast band in a stiffer yarn either doing a cable or something - sound weird I know, but it looks good in my head, truly.

Now that I've discovered my phone's photos aren't too bad on blogger, I may just do you some more.

For now - I had better pick 13yo up from the tutors.

till later

March 24, 2005

There are more posts - just click on March or April in the archives

I've lost a little knitting project - just the sleeves for my jacket!! I've got one more place to look before I cry.

Ok my friends,if you are wondering why the posting has been less lately - its because I've actually been working whilst at work... what a concept! Its amazing how much paper can be shifted when you put your mind to it! I still manage to contribute quite considerably to my workplaces - I just kind of go full on and then instead of wandering around chatting to others, I'll blog instead. Works for me.

I alluded in my last post that last week wasn't one of my best, well to be grown up about it I took myself off to the doctors - there is only so much self-diagnosis one can do before it turns into hypochondria - it's nothing serious at all, but just general out of sort-ed-ness - tired, bad pmt, bad girl times, - my doctor is of a more holistic bent and combines the services of a naturopath/nutrition person with conventional diagnosis. Essentially what I am trying to say is 3 days into the course of herbal based medicines I am feeling better - still tired but my general state of mind is more the genny I know! Once the barrage of blood tests come back, I'll go back and we will look at nutrition in combination with the herbs. I guess why I felt the need to bring this up is I am one of those people who are a little stoic about feeling out of sorts, I sometimes think it is all in the mind or I'm eating too much/too little, exercising too much/too little and that I am able to heal thyself, or just get over it. Well sometimes it pays to go and ask a trusted expert as a little adjustment in life can make a big difference. You would have thought I'd known that at my age!!

This weekend is Easter - yay! Maybe I'll get a sleep in somehow. #1 man is flying with me down to Gisborne to finally meet my folks... oooh scary... I like to torment him that he is finally meeting the Fockers.. I'm a bit odd about this myself, I would prefer to keep it all seperate - I don't really like my folks knowing too much about my life (hopefully my sister has forgotten about this blog - but she knows what I mean) - weird I know, but I don't like the speculation and assumptions that go on when you're not there. My parents are very elderly and are of that generation which can take one little detail and go over and over and over and then pick at it some more... and then I hear back from my sister about some weird comments they make... oick - I will stop here, after all I am a grown woman!! I guess to cut another long story short - I like to see them, I worry about my mum being so frail and ill, I'll miss them when they aren't here anymore, but too much time and distance has meant my life is incomprehensible to them and I like our interactions to be shallow!!

God am I downloading today or what!! Just as well no-one really reads this.... (Blatant self pitying statement in an attempt to shame you all into leaving a comment)

On a knitting note - not a lot done, a few pattern repeats on the scarf and when I find the rest of my jacket...

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and hope you all get lots of knitting!

bye now

March 22, 2005

Just Because... this is the poncho/wrap I knitted ages ago. Note the crafty sleeve caps - great in theory. Please dear readers do not copy this. Why? Well wraps have a mind of their own, they don't stay in the same position for more than a second - so you end up with these peculiar bulges in odd places. So what am I planning to do? I am planning to over dye this with blue - I'm not fond of the yellow predominating and I will remove the caps and stitch down the top to make a rectangular poncho thingy... if you know what I mean! Watch this space - I've been thinking about doing this for a while now .... Posted by Hello

Knitting is a real life saver sometimes! I had one of those pmt weeks where the world is upside down, and what got me through was my fantastic knitting nights. Friday I bunkered down to t.v, tea, and knitting and it was just what I needed.

The jacket is going well so far, I've completed both the front and back down to just above the hip, and am starting on the sleeves tonight or tomorrow. The scarf has taken a turn for the bumpy - I decided to get clever and do short row shaping at the neck point - I've pretty much created a booby holder at the neck line!! Its not that bad, nothing a steaming won't fix - but not what I had in mind! but knitting this simple 4 row lace has got me intrigued about knitting lace or lace knitting ( there is a difference according to the million of books I've got out of the library on the topic since!!)

Reading books on lace knitting is a very humbling experience - especially Margaret Stove's book. Knitters like this are to be admired greatly - it is one thing to "design"a jacket by knitting stocking stitch to a predetermined shape - but to design lace patterns based on New Zealand motifs like the kaka beak tree or on the shape of seaweed on the shore, and then to turn it into a beautiful circular shawl and THEN hand-dye it - well that is the work of an artisan. Also the pieces I've seen so far in the book and on the net - they are highly desirable art as well! I aspire to that, I really do - one stitch at a time!

Alrighty my friends - I hear the washing calling me to fold it - fold it -fold it.... just as well I can ignore it then - I'm off to knit!


March 17, 2005

Know the meaning of life thy friends

Yesterday I managed to find the meaning of life, had it all worked out in my head - but now I forgot where I put it... when I find it again I'll let you know.

Us, the Auckland Knitters had our March meeting last night. Finally we found the Mecca venue for knitting groups (fortunately it appears we are the only one in Auckland at this stage?!?!) Esquires in St Lukes has enough couches in one area to allow us to grow, they are open until 10pm and of course St Lukes has oodles of parking! oh and the coffee is good, and I can personally vouch for the Mocha muffins.. I had been thinking for a meeting or two about what we as a group could do to add a bit of variety to the evening, and knitting for a charity was an obvious choice. Life being what it is when I was reading Sally's blog - (another Kiwi knit/blogger - in fact probably the first to do so!) it was something on her mind as well, so of course I nicked her idea! well anyway here is the link for the Dulaan project, knitting for Mongolia essentially. . Another idea we batted around was to do the ubiquitous peggy square and create a blanket or two and find a local charity to donate to - women's refuge was the most mentioned. We haven't confirmed this though as we are still to decide on a size of square - I'm going to put my hand up and suggest 20cm square - what do you think?

On my personal knitting front - I am progressing nicely with the coat. I've knitted the back down to about hip level and have now started the two fronts together (so I can ensure increases are done at the same time!) and my mohair lace scarf is ticking along thanks to a bit of cafe knitting yesterday before work.

I had such a busy weekend again - and a lot of it was being busy running around after ungrateful teenage daughter, we were both pre-menstrual and ended up being at each others throats for a lot of the time... it wasn't a pretty sight. But on Monday morning it was a relief to get to work - you know that place where people don't swear at you for forgetting THEIR drink bottle, that place where people do what you ask of them without swearing at you... you get the picture - mind you just reading this it is obvious I no longer work in Restaurants because this would be pretty much an average working day... ooicch don't get me started on restaurants ... Also when in the midst of battle with 13yo I just get mental flashbacks to how nasty, sullen and vile I was as a teenager and think at least I get 80% good stuff from this one! Thats about 78% more than my parents got from me! (ok painting a bad picture of me here - I'm all grown up now! truly)

Well best be off - have a payroll or two to process today.

Happy knitting everyone!

March 13, 2005


You should be now seeing some photo's of the recent finished projects! if not - click on March in the archives and they will come up then.

Sorry Jenny but I didn't get a chance to photograph the loopy scarf - it was given to the recipient on Friday night. Also my description was a bit off - it was more bronze than silver! I did worry that it was going to be a bit like a goldilocks by the time I'd finished...

So on my Nana night in (friday!) I started a white mohair lace scarf and my jacket that I've been wanting to do for a while. The scarf I'm just following a simple 4 row fountain lace pattern. The coat/jacket thing I'm making up as I go, I've measured a favourite coat of mine and am working from there. I decided to work from the top down so I can stop when I get up to my quota of wool - I've got 20 balls but its only 70m per ball or therabouts. I've done to just below the arm on the back and am so far pleased with the arm shaping. To get around doing neck shaping upside down, I decided to do the sleeves with saddles and leave the neck a square shape - I'm also hoping this will give that slightly rounded yoked effect of coats from the 40's/50's. Anyhow will let you know!

At one of my jobs - OK I'm going to have to start giving blog names to identify which workplace I'm talking about so I'll run you through this first - I do bookeeping/accounts/ sort of stuff for 5 different companies. Company 1 - dance company, Company 2 - Animation School, Company 3,4 and 5 film production companies, and Saturday - furniture shop.... don't worry about keeping up with it all - I can't!!
Anyhow at animation school, I've found 2 or 3 closet knitters and one out of the closet knitter - we threaten to have knit ins... so I've already taken in all my books shared them around, got the just done a scarf knitter onto starting a sweater! And have pushed the not-quite a knitter into going wool shopping... mwahahah i will ensure the world domination of knitting grows...

also got chatting to one of my neighbours - a lady in the 60+ age group - she is a keen knitter as well, and hopefully will be coming along to our snb night! Not this week though, she is finally getting her knee's operated on.

Anyhow - todays blogging is brought to you by procrastination for cleaning the house!

the stash.... Posted by Hello

See how the heel hole works!!  Posted by Hello

This is the finished leg warmer - things I'm happy with - the calf shaping (very 18th centuray knitted stocking!) the heel hole, the way they came out after blocking, the knitted in elastic adding extra stretch on cuffs. What I wish I could have improved upon - the only colour elastic was white, and in some places is visible. Posted by Hello

This is the fairisle vest - Things I'm happy with - that I made it up myself, the fairisle is nicely stranded, I like the colour combo and how the middle stripe kind of floats. Things I could have done better - the band tensions and the button holes (fairly non-existent! loop buttonholes it is) Posted by Hello

March 11, 2005

I'm totally f@%#d off

because I posted a zillion pictures using the bloody fabulous (not so) new picasa thingy and where are they???? do they go to the same place that comments do???? I mean what is going on....


till tonight

March 10, 2005

oops - I've been away awhile..

Well Hello! I'd like to say that I've been tied up in a bure on a tropical island hand feed pineapple slices and pina coladas but I've never been too good at lying... unfortunately it only my conscience from keeping blogging at work this week!

I also buckled down and finished the leg warmers!!! yayaya!!! I presented them yesterday with strict instructions if any one asked where he got them from he has to say New York.. I don't want to knit anymore for a while! and in the true spirit of receiving a gift he wore them that day at work and they looked good.

Currently I'm knitting a travelling scarf for the lovely Myra who is about to embark on her OE, the travelling granny - the most funky awesome travelling gran. Im using one of those metallicy fluffy yarns in a gunmetal silver/grey. Its in my at the moment favourite loopy stitch and will be short - take up less space in the pack, keep neck warm and should be easy clean (it looks non-stick...) but voila a little bit of glam as well.

Have finally swatched my Cafe Alpaca blend and will get onto that after scarf.

So what have I been doing all week? Well the weekend was good but busy. Friday night was the rugby - blues vs reds (original huh) and I didn't take my knitting - the shakes didn't last too long. Work on saturday where I found out I've paid off the booze cabinet - which was good - because they had the most gorgeous knitting arm chair, which I've been looking for all the year that I've been working there, so that will be coming home as soon as we can find a way.
Sunday I caught another AK05 festival act, Zakir Hussein, which was awesome - apart from the scary lady doing the dance, technically brilliant but emotionally void. The collaboration with Te Vaka was outstanding, and I loved the Manipuri drummer/dancers.

The rest of the week has been the usual treadmill stuff. And on that note off I go... till next time my friends

March 04, 2005

oh yay friday... I need a friday, I really do, I even think I deserve a friday.

I was so close to finishing that first leg warmer, I took it with me this morning to do the final inch at a cafe before work, pulled it out of my bag - and alas, found that my fourth dpn was left behind.. oh dear

We're off to the rugby tonight, I conceded a nana night in to spend with my #1man.. will make up for it tomorrow night, I'm going to finish these blasted legwarmers even if it kills me. well maybe not that far.

Jenny, yes I do get your comments and love receiving them! But I am going to talk to a computer geek friend of mine this weekend to see about how I can better this blog.

This is all a friday blog is, short, sweet and boring.

Have a great weekend everyone

March 03, 2005

debt or no debt

I'm going to get a proper bloody digi cam this week. We received the el-cheapo digi cam from the Herald yesterday, and whilst I wasn't expecting much, i did at least expect it to work, its just so irritatingly clunky to use and seems to only want to take every tenth photo - aargh

We are progressing nicely on the leg warmer. I did have a bit of a panic yesterday feeling the first stirring of summer on the wane, am I going to be able to clothe me and my family for winter? Will I get all my projects done in time? I had better get cracking, especially if I want to be my own best advertisement for knitting. The projects I've finished from other years for myself are quite casual. I feel the need to hurry up and get on with a nice jacket/cardi and a few stylish scarves.

Adding to the growing list, #1 man finally rose to my "do you want me to knit you a warm jumper and make you look pussy whipped?"bait that I put out now and then. I didn't really expect him to say yes, but he wants me to knit him a vest. Which is probably a revenge tactic on his part. Early on in the piece on our 3rd or 4th or 5th date he turned up in a rugby jersey with his "cricket"vest over the top (ok, I know, but this is the man who lets me store my needles under the couch...) anyhow, because it was so early on in the piece I was able to stamp my foot down and demand that he never wore that awful pilled acrylic vest again and if he did there would be no chance of me taking it off if you know what I mean... well it wasn't just the crime against knitting that this vest had, it reminded me too much of my ex-f.i.l who used to wear such hideous mustard coloured acrylic vests..... oooh yuck, i feel the need for a shower now.. so I guess it will be at least good therapy for me to knit the sexiest vest I possibly can.... wish me luck.

I have found a very cool other persons knitting blog - nonaknits - I'll work out the link thing another day - this is the first time I've encountered blog envy, the way she writes is very cool cute (as opposed to cutey cute) It makes me want to rip out all my old posts and redo them in the same manner, but that would be obviously silly...

speaking of working out link things - I'm enjoying this blog gag so much, I'm going to talk to a webby friend about how to get this working more how I want it too (plus the photo's may help..)

Koz - thanks I am feeling better from the other day... my eyes have finally returned to their rightful sockets...
Jen - the library has a great Barbie clothes book by some famous designer - if you search on the library web, you'll be able to reserve it. Also I went to Mt Roskill library and found there to be NO knitting books there at the moment... I blamed you of course... but all is not lost, I did manage to find one with patterns for finger puppets ... oh well it might come in useful.

Ok 2 minutes for a shower, and 20 minutes for my 1/2 hour walk to work... at least I've got my lunch made already

Have a great Thursday everyone and I look forward to seeing you all here another day!

March 01, 2005

mmm wine...

I've got a friend who I see only once or twice a year, and as much as I love seeing her, its just as well its only once or twice a year - I'm too old for this kind of hangover on a Tuesday! and I'm certainly too old to be going to bed at 2am and getting up at 7... well I'm probably not too old, but I certainly feel about 80 right now.

Impressively I was able to finish knitting a square for the ongoing rug project whilst tanked! I mean it was just garter stitch but still...

I'm chugging through a leg warmer which I'm knitting on a promise. One of my jobs is with a dance company, the CEO is the kind one who brought me back the SnB series from NY. But the only cost to me was to knit him legwarmers... in black.. fortunately the stash has around 7 balls of 8 ply black el-cheapo Red Heart stuff. I'm using knitting in elastic for the cuffs and knitting on 4mm dpn for the slightly tighter tension and so far I'm quite happy with it. Dancers like to cut heel holes out of their legwarmers (the bottom band keeps the instep warm, and the heel can poke out for grip - I'm not sure if this would work for a flat footed dancer.. or even if a flat footed person can be a dancer, but I digress) so I basically knitted the bottom band in the round did a cunning cast off and knitted back and forwards then cast on and am know knitting in the round, after a couple of inches of straight tube for ankle snug am now increasing 2 st every few rows for the calf muscle. The most fun part is trying it on with the dpn's lethally sticking out - and now that my digi cam is sitting at home waiting, I might just post a photo of my un-sexy un-shaven leg sporting a half finished leg warmer with heel hole and needles still attached..

Anyhow I should probably start doing some work.

Jen - the more chatting that goes on in this blog the better, especially from others, as I found out last night - the sound of my own voice is better in moderation.. well I was going for a ride in my friends tour bus, giving commentary to no-one over the mike and singing bad 80s songs to the receptionist of the hotel she was staying at..
Oh and also i know what you mean about not seeing new posts - for some reason blogger files them funny, and I find that hitting the month in archive will bring up the lost ones.. boy that made no sense..

ok bye for now - aahpppay nkkktnsing