February 27, 2005

small things

Things I like about knitting small things - fast to knit; easy to steam block; the recepient has to wear it and usually doesn't complain.

What a great weekend in Auckland - on saturday I caught the opening of Vula (which was fantastic, so beautiful and sensual) and the opening ceremony for AK05 AND the lantern festival all in one night. It did make me realise how much is on offer and how little I take up! Oh I also had a late night wander through Borders bookshop and realised why I've never looked at the knitting section there before... its too good! fortunately I hadn't had too much to drink and fortunately I didn't have my credit card with me..

If I had read my stars this week I'm certain it would have been along the lines of catching up with old friends that I haven't seen for a while. I caught up on Saturday morning before work with someone I lost contact with for no good reason, it was so nice to take up where we had left off. Then later that night I bumped into another old friend I haven't seen for ever. And then this week I've got two more catch-ups planned! One friend has moved back from Hong Kong for a year and another friend is up from the South Island with her work... crikey...whew what a week!

Alrighty my friends this is it for Sunday.

koz thanks for your lovely encouragement!

February 25, 2005

Hamster on a wheel

is how i feel sometimes! But I guess we all do.

Finished the bands on the vest and have tidied the ends in, just need to get buttons, and maybe knit a matching hat. I've got a busy weekend coming up so knitting may not get much of a look in.

My 11yo has turned 12 today - he has grown a few inches with it as well! We'll be laser striking on sunday for his birthday party. He'll be having a birthday dinner with his dad and sister tonight. 13yo sister threw a tantrum this morning at the gym because we should have been home for him instead (never mind it was her idea to go to the gym this morning...) She is going through that frustration of finding out the reality of life is often different to the idea of how it should be. When I got home (she had walked to school from the gym, its close by) and had a talk to 12yo, he was quite philosophical (spelling wrong I know!!) about how expectations and reality are different - especially as he had a times table test on his birthday! But as I said every day is a birthday and you have to enjoy what you do have in life not be angry about what you have missed out on. All this by 7.30am ... god I need a gin.

Better get on with work now.

Have a great weekend yáll

February 23, 2005

so far so good

2 days of good eating behind me - 9125 to go.... oh well

I am nearly finished the baby vest, I just have one armband to knit, then buttons and final blocking. It would have been done, but I decided my needle bag needed sorting! A couple of months ago I bought a whole bundle of needles of trade me and hadn't actually looked through them and so it was time to stocktake! Here are the results...
2mm - 1 1/2 sets
3mm - 4 sets
3.25mm - 3
3.5mm - 3
3.75mm - 5
4mm - 5
4.5mm - 3
5.0mm - 5
5.5mm - 4
6.0mm 2
6.5mm 2
7.0mm 2
7.5mm 2
8.0mm 1
10mm 2
15mm 1

I think I'm well covered! ooh now I just need to list my circular's, I've only got a few, and am always on the look out for more..

Fortunately my #1 man is very organised, and actually appreciated my strange hobby of sorting knitting needles, and even offered to bring a whole lot of rubber bands from work to tie them up! He even suggested to push the bundles under the couch until then...

CRIKEY am I a SAD ass or what...

Well off to work I go, and then off to meet the teacher barbi tonight and 13yo school.

have a great day everyone!

February 21, 2005

Koz - your C3 is amazing! Well done you - i especially liked the hay bale background... (little chuckle) Have you ever tried to knit baling twine? I remember tying baling twine around some 4x2 offcuts and trying to make my own platform shoes when I was about 8... too much time on a farm sometimes aye!

I paid the same for the Utiku - I have bought direct from Wool company and they are good, but I forgot that's where I had seen Utiku, I thought I'd seen it at the local wool shop.. duh

And on a general public notice moment - I am still waiting on my free from the Herald digi cam! so no photo's for the moment - HOWEVER I did have an awful realisation that a cheap-o giveaway camera may not have an USB cable or anything... so I may have to cough up and get a real one! Will set myself a goal of doing something about it by the end of next week....

ok back to work......

monday monday

Well I have to do it - today I'm truly getting serious about losing the weight, I don't feel too commited to be honest, but I have to, must do. I found the best way previously is to write down what I've eaten - its harder to hide the discrepancys - and what activity I've done. So I may use the blog to help me for a while. Please let me know if that is boring and unsuitable tho!!

The weekend started off well. #1 man had an old uni mate over from Aussie - it was the first time in a few years they had seen each other, and the first time they had met each other's partners - they also had a cutey cute 18 month baby with them. We went to a waterfront restaurant where the food was lovely but the service was absolute shite - the worst thing is I used to work there several years ago, and the same manager was there - so he wouldn't have taken my feedback to be as serious as if it were from someone else.. I'm still a bit livid about it. But I figure its only Karma for all the bad service I dished out in my time!! Saturday was a Nana night in. Sunday slept in for the first time in a couple of months... aaah. In the afternoon went to a baby shower and finally was able to give the brown jacket to its rightful owner (see photo on previous posts) Received the best feedback, they said all the right things!! gratification... mmmm

I had my eyes tested after 4 years, the good news is they have only changed by .25 (whatever that is - but apparently its good!) and the neat thing was the optometrist did no hard sell whatsoever, she basically said I didn't have to change my glasses with such a small change if I didn't want to - which was so refreshing. I just get sick of the hard sell - I've stopped going to a certain beauty salon for my regular eyebrow deforestation simply because I struck a doodle head pushing their product onto me despite my obvious lack of interest. I understand the need to sell - having had to several times - but not while lying under someones hands unable to escape!

It's been a little more succesful for knitting weekend - I've temporarily put the pink jacket aside, mainly because #1 man pointed out a little flaw in my plan to check the weight of the leftover yarn - I've got no kitchen scales.... so until I remember to take it with me to my friendly greengrocer in my old neighbourhood... - anyway I started a baby waistcoat (notice that it wasn't on my earlier list...) for someone at #1m work. Its navy blue with a fairisle border and I am proud to say apart from getting the measurements from a book - its all my own design, I forgot how much I love doing fairisle. Ive finished they main body of it and its blocking on my iron man (ironing board!). Thank god I had the sense to block this baby - the, back and two fronts don't measure the same!! luckily its all still on needles and I just need to knit a few more rows.. so once I've done that I just need to knit up the bands and voila!

Received some wool which I bought on trade me - its the utiki brand in lapis, really pretty colour, quite happy with it - currently its stashed with the intention of maybe a Banff or maybe a closer fitted cable jumper. Who knows!

Hay Koz - whats the cooknknit you are talking about? Sounds great! but can you translate ROAK for me... I'm dumb I know! Í'd love to see a photo of yourC3?!

Also JenR I know what you mean about the other night - we'll see how the next one goes, hopefully more settled.

Oh well my friends - monday morning beckons - should really have left 10 minutes ago! oops.. have a great monday everyone!

February 17, 2005

nearly the weekend

I'm very tired so forgive me if nothing makes sense... I'm waiting for the washing to finish (tomorrows school uniform... for the 13 yo of course) so I can shove it in the dryer. It would have been done earlier but we went to the inaugral 20/20 cricket match. I wasn't taken entirely by it - mainly coz we lost... I'll admit the Aussies played very well.

Wednesday was our monthly stitch and bitch for downtown aucklanders, and it was so cool to have our numbers doubled! Very cool to meet all these new knitters - and in the true tradition of our stitch and bitch we all somehow had something or someone in common. Small world syndrome.

But alas the knitting has taken a turn for the worse - the lovely pink jacket - when counting stitches after the arm hole decrease I realised that I hadn't done the side seam increase.. hhmm Also I'm not sure that I'll have enough yarn, so what I've decided to do is knit one sleeve and weigh that with the nearly finished back. THEN I'll weigh the leftover wool and from that I'll be able to work out if there is enough.... a very wise other jennie taught me that one.

Oh well a challenge like that would have come up sooner or later...

so I recovered in the only was i know how - I broke both my yarn diet and my food diet... well who could resist 6 balls of faux fur for $20... well truth be told a lot of people could.. but I'm still thinking about that fur waistcoat I saw in Knit Wit - or use in to make slippers...

I'm hopeless... aah but the washing is done - so seee yaaa

February 15, 2005

A loyal fan base!!

It does wonders to the creative process of blogging (?) to receive feedback - so thanks!

The pattern for Tylers sweater was from the Rowan Junior book. Instead of Rowan yarn I substituted a wool/cotton blend I bought on trademe, it was a Naturally brand I think.. it knitted nicely and seemed to have a firmer texture than a straight cotton.

I'm chugging away on the vogue jacket, am just starting armhole shaping on the back. Hope to get a bit more done tonight.

13yo and I had our first workout this morning together, 6 am at the gym (?!#@@**) I'll keep you posted as to our commitment over time! I need to lose the 2 dress sizes I gained in the last 6-8months.. I want to wear my nice winter gear and get back in to the pretty summer stuff that I couldn't wear this season. The exercise isn't an issue, its the diet - I love to eat! Oh well I've done it a million times before.

Speaking of diet's - i'm unofficially on a yarn diet for a while. Have purchased 5 stash items from trademe in the last 3 weeks, and the lid on my stash basket is balance precariously despite my efforts of packing and re-packing. I figure when I've knitted 3 more items then I can think about it. so these 3 items are - finish the pink jacket, knit the promised leg warmers for friend that brought me SnB Nation, and white cowl and howl from the 1st snb for 13yo.

Well that's enough commitment for one day - i won't even begin to tell you about my need to reduce debt.. that's another day another commitment.

I'd better get on with sorting out the software issue I came home to do... and then off to the second job for the day! all with the goal of coming home to knit later!


have a great tuesday everyone

February 13, 2005

This is the lovely Emily modelling her purple hat and handbay with the orange boa scarf, she is accompanied by the stylish Tyler sporting his china blue cotton zip opening jumper, highlighted with a butter yellow inner collar... Posted by Hello

YAY - I've got comments!

Thats so exciting - thanks guys, I don't really know what I'm doing at 7 am blogging either!! I was getting ready to go to work actually, which makes the story even sadder. But I had a great day, I quite like my Saturday job - especially considering its paying for my lovely vintage booze cabinet...

Saturday ended up being a day of spontaneous fun.. the kids, #1 man and myself went to a local football game - Auckland City vs Waitakere City. Auckland won! We watched from the comfort of the beer tent. On the way home we decided to drop in on a friend - basically we invited ourselves for a barbie - 5 hours later and decidedly boozed finally we head home for snoring time. therefore if this blog isn't making any sense - I'm still in recovery.

But the neat thing about last night was I managed to convert Tina to the dark side - she and I have been friends since we were 6, we used to knit at school together! Not only did she purchase wool on Trade Me last night, she's also commited to coming to the SnB on Wednesday night.... ah yes the force is strong... mwahahahaa

todays photo my friends is of her lovely kidlies, modelling their favourite aunty gennys knitted gifts...

Oh that's right, the other thing I knitted was a little red love heart which I've slipped in a certain fella's valentine card.. awww ... and that my dear friends is him ticked off the knitting list!

Happy valentine's to you all!

February 12, 2005

diet starts tomorrow

maybe today... had a nana night in treat last night. Whisked the kids out for a late night ice cream treat and indulged myself, only for #1 man to come home early from his friday night out laden with ... you got it ... ice creams for everyone.. oh well you only live once - especially if you eat like this!

I had such a blah knitting night the last two nights, just a little tired for big project thinking, all I could manage last night was a little knitted love heart for valentines day.. and about three rows on a square for my rug bag (contents 2.2 squares so far!) the rug bag is an ongoing process where either between projects or when I'm having a blah knitting night, I make squares eventually to be joined into a large rug . I'm estimating that I'll have two bed sized blankets ready for when the kids leave home (both of them! - both kids, both homes!) so I've got 6 years! think I'll make it?

Sorry about the lack of photos - I might be able to borrow a camera again this weekend. We are waiting for our camera to come in the mail, but as its a $89 one, I'm not holding out for awesome photo's...

oh well better get on with the day I guess!

February 11, 2005

three day cycle.

It seems to be my blogging is on a 3 day cycle...

The project I'm working on is from the latest Vogue knitting mag, its a fitted jacket with a peplum at the back and a v shaping at the front. I'm using the yarn which was my first trade me purchase, a pink mohair with a ribbon running through it. I just love this yarn. The stitch is a 'popcorn' stitch, which has a lovely texture to it and really suits the yarn. However Vogue knitting aparently is known for its pattern errors, as I've just discovered, its nothing major and although i did pick it up when I was knitting - I didn't do anything about it... silly me. I've just got this ridiculous belief that if it is written then it is meant to be so. Well thats the last time I don't question the pattern. Anyway its nothing a little embroidery cant fix.

Of course I'm at work so had better go..

February 08, 2005

Tuesday on my mind

Has it really been 3 days? It was a good weekend I guess.. let met tell you all about it

Friday was the Nana night I expected - yaya - after work I managed to transfer my les mills membership to a nice young chap, big relief to have done that, now I can go and join the Olympic gym with my daughter (training buddy hopefully). The daughter and I zoomed around New World to grab the provisions and headed home to eat "heat and eat" dinner, put feet up, tv on and pick up sticks and string. Managed to nearly finish the big woolly sock.

Saturday was one of those frantic days, up early to drop daughter off to her dads, and gave 18yo ride to work. Duaghter reminded me she needed her school stationary, so frantically rushed around warehouse stationary on the way. Then managed to get to work #1 by 10.20 (no small feat - her dad lives a 30m drive from me) Had to squash a fair bit of work in ready to zoom off to the other side of town for another one off job... whew

When I finally got home about 5.30 I was pleasantly surprised to find #1 man in the kitchen... awwwww ... so there's me feet up, knitting the sock, beer within easy reach, man in the kitchen barefoot and pussywhipped... aah bliss.

We were watching the Wellington Seven's on tele, reminiscing about being there last year. And bonus of all bonus's the kiwi's won!!! Yippee... not only that I finally finished the socks! Dyed them in the microwave using Tilia Brilliant Blue dye. Ran them through the washing machine a couple of times and in the drier and voila - felted slipper socks (here's a handy hint - don't use a rice sack to put felted items in the washing machine, it fluffs them.. dumb me aye) I had to try them on (I'm sure my 11yo son won't mind) and oooh they felt good.

Sunday Morning, off to one of my all time favourite places in the world - Avondale market - vege shopping. Back home by 9.30 and decided to make omelletes for #1 man and his 18yo and 14yo. Oh and me too!

The rest of Sunday I was like a pig in mud - cooking, baking and going through my stash getting ready for the next project. I had a slightly psychotic moment - I'd a lot of time making this recipe I found in my Sri Lankan cookbook - stuffed banana chillies dipped in spicy batter and deep fried. They weren't to #1 man's taste (I loved them), which is generally OK, I mean I don't always like his cooking. But because I'd worked myself up into a mental frenzy of "this is one of those recipes which will make him swoon" I got a little disappointed. Silly I know, but I get caught up in the fantasy that my cooking is like magic and will hold him to me like a spell! (I think I read chocolat, and mistress of spices one too many times!!)

Oh well!

And to top this weekend off, we went and saw "Ray" - this is one absolutely incredible outstanding movie! Loved it.

Well that was the weekend folks!

Oh now I am working on a very cool project... I will write more tonight.. I had better get back to work now.. ooppsy

have a great day y'all


Tuesday on my mind

February 04, 2005

nananannananana friday

yeehaa - nana night in! I'm furiously working the 2nd sock ready for dying and felting. Really want to finish it in order to move onto the next project!

Had a busy insane day at work(s) - both jobs today involved tedious reconciliations (which I find bizzarely satisfying if frustrating) and a lot of input work. Usually this sort of work goes unnoticed but my glasses are currently awaiting repair (in my handbag somewhere of course) and this combined with unusual tiredness as well as lack of coffee made today feel as if I was wading backwards in cement. But the end of the day arrived and all was good.

Managed to find a taker for my gym membership, so met him and completed the transfer - YAY - so next week will go with my daughter and join a gym closer by that she too can join (the old gym you had to be 16, but this one allows for 13 yo's)

anyhoo back to knitting!!

February 03, 2005

I love the heat and humidity

crazy but true, love the heat. My daughter is even madder, she wears her new uniform jersey walking home in the hot hot sun.. mad.

Not much progress on the knitting today, just a bit tired. But that's OK tomorrow is friday, and friday night is nana knitting night in - yay!! I'll finish off the second sock, and then dye and felt it. Next project - I'll do a white cowl and howl for the daughter (from the 1st SnB) have already bought the yarn from trademe. The stash has been well fed this week - four new purchases from trademe... my to do list is getting much longer.

Someone new has r.s.v.p'd to our Stitch n Bitch Group - yay - we've gone from 3 attendees to 7 thats a 133% increase - wow! If anyone else is intersted you can look here


Okydoky - happy thursday and look forward to friday!


February 02, 2005

like this! The daughter loves it to death - almost literally, she is wearing it in the middle of the heat, sweating her little insides out! Bless... got to take what you get from a 13 yo.. Posted by Hello

This doozy is the poncho stitch I used for my daughter. Its a bog standard cleakheaton 12 ply on 6mm needles. Simple pattern (my own!!) three rows st st, next row knit three st, turn p 3, turn k 3 then knit rest of row using the old wind the wool around three times before pulling through, continue to last 3 st, k3 turn p3 turn k3 turn, purl all sts, (on the loopy ones only purl into one of the loops and drop the rest) carry on the pattern until you get a large enough rectangle and the cast off - sew it up and you get a poncho! Posted by Hello

These are the post modern legwarmers from Knit Wit. The pattern called for 3 skeins Lorna's Lace Glory mohair blend (whatever that is..) So instead I used Naturally Mohair, Alpaca and Silk blend 3 skeins exactly. Slightly tighter tension. Kimberley loves them, (she is doing a classic belly dancing leg pose...)  Posted by Hello

oooh ooh ohh also forgot to say, a friend just came back from New York, and brought me both copies of Stitch and Bitch. I love Stitch and bitch nation, and is that a backdrop of Aucklands Sky Tower on one of the patterns?

And as for our little SnB, it looks like our membership has doubled! I'm looking forward to meeting all the new people soon.

I've just finished the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty.com, I made it too big for me, and I'm in a dilemma what to do - do I undo, do I seam the sides somehow... I'm not fond of frogging. The cotton I used was from Wendy, $10 for 100gm (it took 3) I really love the yarn. Will keep you posted.

Currently I'm working on the felted slippers from Knit Wit, I'm using some homespun I've had lying around the place - I even did a test swatch, dyed it and felted it! I've discovered Tilia dyes, and use the microwave for smaller projects, so easy! Anyhoo, the socks are massive, and I don't remember the swatch halving... but I only hand felted the swatch, so I guess I could resort to using the drier if all else fails...

Oh well toodly pip for tonight - I might even let some people know about this blog now....

Long Weekends, finally understanding what all the hype is about!!

Went to Waiheke to visit belly dancer and beanie wearer, had a lovely day on the beach after catching up with another lovely friend.

Bit of a boozey weekend - which is fine, but does affect the knitting quota!! Stumbled into Occidental (Belgium Pub in Queen St) with a friend after work, we were both walking home in the opposite directions and after a whole second of persuasion decided to have one beer or so.... several later, and sitting in the corner like a couple of nana's with our trainers on ha, well I'm sure many people were amused. None more so than the sweet young thing who spying a big splodge of yellow on the shoulder of my nice white t-shirt asked - "Baby?" charmed I'm sure - my reply of "no, lillies in the corner by the stool where I'm sitting, my baby is 13 and only a few years away from her next round of vomiting" elicited one of those smug smirks only the young can give...

alas this nana is at work and had better get on with it - will post updated photos of legwarmers tonight!