January 29, 2005

This is from a Rowan Kids book. I splashed out and actually used rowan wool as well!! This is for a colleague at one of my many works. She is due in 10 weeks and we are having the baby shower in about 3 weeks. I'm only about 85% happy with how this turned out, I was a bit impatient with the band, and it is slightly puckered, but I'm fairly confident the baby won't notice!!  Posted by Hello

The Hidden Agenda Sweater from Knit Wit. Posted by Hello

The lovely Robin with her most favourite turquoise angora beanie! Posted by Hello

good news

is, that finally I've borrowed a digi cam and will get some photo's posted of finished projects etc, this blog will instantly be more interesting, and I will then blog more and get this thing going!

January 21, 2005

re birth

Its been a hundred years since I last posted - i know. I became despondent due to lack of camera/photos, lack of comments etc also became a blogsite slut searching for something better, but only found ones which put unwanted banners up etc. so here I am back to this.

Quick update (I'm at work....)
have joined a knitting circle - started off with 3 jenny's and seems to now be attracting people with other names!
Survived Xmas only to come out the other side with a MASSIVE debt... unfortunately I'm not exaggerating.
Have since knitted - a hoodie for me, a poncho/wrap for me, the hidden agenda sweater for my son, a baby jacket/hat for expectant colleague, an angora sweater from SnB for me, a velvet collar for belly dancer extraordanaire, beanie for her turk, angora scarf for gorgeous robin, china-blue cotton zip opening raglan sleeve sweater for friends 7yo son, hat; scarf and matching handbag for his 4yo sister, poncho and matching hat for 13yo daughter (mine).... whew... will post photos soon of some of these!

On the needles - cerise-y plum cotton honeymoon cami (knitty), merino/silk/mohair blend legwarmers (knit wit) for belly dancing extraordanaire (knitty),.

Planned - pink mohair ribbon 40's style jacket (knit1), alpaca blend boucle maroon/black pea coat (made up from somewhere)

Stash - the above planned stuff - plus one big bag of homespun in a lightish brown (maybe to be dyed and felted) some lovely metalicy ribonny stuff; possibly for a scarfy shawl thing for a friend who is off to the UK soon. mmm plus lots of other stuff which I can't remember of course...

ok thats a bit of history sorted! chat soon.