September 21, 2004

when was the last time I said I was never going to drink again

Its tuesday, I nearly forgot I had a blog, and I can't quite remember my name. But I'm happy coz I've got the sort of friends who come over for dinner early evening and leave nearly 10 hours later. Of course I got boozed and as usual banged on about shit and giving my opinion on absolutely anything that wasn't my business. Oh well I can't have insulted them too much otherwise they wouldn't have stayed til sunrise! Anyone going overseas soon, I need to restock the booze cabinet... except unfortunately the man of the house has discovered single malt whiskey, we don't get any cheaper as we get older!

Despite my state on Sunday, I still managed to keep a promise to take the kids to watch the Bourne Supremacy. Of course I haven't seen the first movie, but that didn't get in the way of me completely enjoying this one. Not only was the opening scene shot in my number one destination (India) but I could also play spot the Kiwi. I wonder how Russian sounds with a Kiwi accent?

Í'm all knitty excited, only half a hood and a whole lot of sewing away from finishing the current project. Only thing is - it needs to be finished by tommorow night... the daughter is going to the south island for a week and needs to stay warm! Typical of me really. But oh how exciting, I am planning my next project - I have just printed off some brilliant patterns from and am almost wetting myself with anticipation! Sad I know.

According to a friend who has just been in New York, poncho's are still big over there... I don't think the old hippy ones will go down well here, but I saw an awesome rectangle on the side on The Princess Diaries 2 which got me all inspired!! (the joys of pre-teen daughers..)

Well that's all for now, as usual I am supposed to be working!!

sooner than later next time aye?

September 15, 2004

trackies and sick kids

My boy child has returned from his school trip to Melbourne, and must have caught some strange Australian bug. It's probably just tiredness and the super-size me effect of living on McD's and food-court tucker whilst over there. As a result we are both mooching around the house today, well I am supposed to be working ... (hmm de'ja'vu?)
At least I am sneaking in the occasional row on those darned sleeves, only a few rows left and then on to the hood. The daughter is going to Picton for a week in the holidays, which gives me a 10 day deadline to try and finish it for her to wear. Crikey

I've accepted the dreadful fact that I probably won't get back into my summer clothes from last year. I've definitely increased by a size, and although I''m working on getting back down, the reality is there are a few factors in the way. Last year I was working for one place and was able to walk everywhere, this year I have to drive everywhere to get to my 2-3 client per day. Also I was living alone last year and it was much easier to diet and find the time for exercise, now with cooking for a family and the increased commitments... oh well. But I will continue to try.

Things to look forward to this week -
Kids school production tonight
Good friends coming for dinner on Saturday
Finishing the sleeves
wearing a new skirt
An early night or two with my honey

September 13, 2004

sunday sunday

howdy ho

I'm knitting while I blog - clever huh. Still going on those sleeves, sleeves are the trickiest things, you think they're just little things, but then they end up taking longer than the fronts.

I have just acquired a couple of vintage needlecraft books, one from the '70's, and oh the patterns - we've got knitted lampshades, striped knee-highs, knitted dresses... mmm strangely tho'- I like them!! Maybe one day I'll knit something from them..

Now I know the rest of the world caught on to on-line shopping long ago - but oh my god, I am never going to a supermarket again!! I just love the burly man who delivers my shopping straight to my bench top, utter genius.

I'm still in recovery from last night, we had our first dinner party (say it with a funny accent) last night. The couple who came over are absolutely great company. I cooked like a demon, we drank like fishy's - all up great fun last night, no brain waves today!

hay yáll have fun, talk to ya later

September 09, 2004

time flies hay

Crikey time does fly.

So much has happened this week. I'm sure that enough has been said about the hideous events in Russia, it took me a couple of days to digest. The haunting look in the faces of the survivors will be forever etched in many peoples minds. All I can do as a human on the other side of the world is to only hope and pray for some form of peace in those poor souls lives. I cannot comprehend the effect this will have for those affected.

September 06, 2004

another week already

Sunday again!

Had a great night out at a friends birthday, despite my resolutions more wine was consumed.... but managed to not drink to the destructive level, just the happy level.

Must have been happy juice I was drinking, I was more than happy to get up for my walk this morning.

Had my first attempt at 10 pin bowling today after about 18 years, I'm pleased to say that all three representatives of our house all were the worst in each team!

Did manage to do a few rows of the sleeves, slowly but surely they get longer.

Thats enough for a sunday

September 04, 2004

oooh my head

Today has been very difficult. Tonnes of bubbles and cocktails seemed such a good idea last night. Honey and me are both suffering today.. Mind you I am lucky to be telling the tale, no 1 honey thought it was a good idea to heat up a pizza when we got home. Where we went wrong was to lie in bed waiting for it - I woke up at 5am disorientated with the lights on, panicked, stumbled to the kitchen to find a pizza shaped piece of charcoal in a switched off oven. The troll in the dungeon must have been more coherent than us! I'm just amazed the smoke alarms didn't go off - major issue for the apartment blocks, as all apartments alarms go off.. God knows we are in the body corporates bad books as it is - thanks to previous actions of dungeon dwelling troll.

I managed to get some retail therapy in however. Always works a treat. I really really needed a breakfast tray, after all it is fathers day tommorow, so I thought it would be a good idea to have one of these trays to make the father of the houses job of bringing tea and toast to me easier.

We're supposed to be going out to a friends birthday dinner tonight. It's generally bad manners to knit near others food and alcohol, so those sleeves won't get any longer today.

OK I can't do this anymore today. head hurts, dehydration starting....

September 03, 2004

10 Minutes starting now

Nothing like a 10 minute deadline to blog to.

I'm still in two minds with how to treat this blog, do I assume that no-one in fact is reading this and blog all sorts of deep intimate knitting patterns or do I carry on in a chatty editorial tone living in hope that one day someone will knit one of my patterns.

Yesterday I was struck down with a peculiar version of Man Flu - it was the Man Throat. You know, where its just a little sore and beginning to be difficult to swallow, yet you imagine it is possible to die from this and pack yourself off to bed to write your last will and testament. I managed to feel guilty about at least 4 different things I believed would collapse without me. The first guilt ridden thought was about dinner not being cooked. But I do forget I have shackled myself to the most divine man ever. He managed to heat up his own leftovers AND make me cup of tea after cup of tea AND toasted sandwiches... Everybody together aaawww.

I was a little surprised this morning to wake up alive, and greatly surprised that all my worst fears about the world coming off its axis because I hadn't read my email and faxed my faxes was rather invalid.

In defence of Man Flu/Throat, I must have been off colour, I didn't even want to knit...

I, like most people, have a long list of things which need doing. The most important (well most achievable) one this week was to find a reasonable cheap office chair. Off to Warehouse Stationary. Pythagorous would be able to write some clever formula about the certainty of arriving home with your purchase from the Warehouse missing at least 2 vital components. This instance while I was so man-ishly putting together the chair, I discovered the main pillar which connects seat to base was missing... no need to guess where I'm off to this afternoon.

I'm very tempted to discuss my bowel problems on this, but I don't know, it seems so base...

Time's up...

Other things to tick off the list for this week, gym x2 more, walk x2 more, get little cake tins for future dinner party, get accounts for one client up to date, start research for same clients project, and so on.

September 02, 2004

sex and the sknitty

Its hard to believe I've turned into the sort of woman who will walk to the supermarket just for furniture polish. Oh well - these things happen. I used to be the biggest slob (oh and I mean slob) when I lived alone (well with my occasional children), but have found that nesting has turned me all house happy. Still when the piece of furniture is a beautiful vintage booze cabinet containing all mothers little helpers...

There is something to be said about owning objects of beauty. I've been through my non-materialistic phase, gave away all my books, sold most of my possesions and so on. I guess it's a process. But there is something to be said about surrounding yourself with quality.

Tuesday night is Sex in the City night. Last night prior to the show we had the Oprah special with the cast. I sat down with a couple of gins, my knitting and actually looked forward to a telly night. I must admit while I'm a fan I haven't seen all the episodes, think I will treat myself to the DVD sets of all the series. Its interesting how influential the show is, especially as Kim Cattral said, for single women. My favourite knitting website ( is currently doing a sex and the knitty special!

Maybe it was the gin, or my own version of sex in the city, but it was too hard to get out of bed this morning - so no gym, best I get on my bike tonight.