August 31, 2004

Glorious day to avoid working

As usual first line paralysis has struck. I actually had a reasonable post prepared which somehow destroyed itself..

so welcome to normal nellie does knitting and kneurosis. Knitting is my hobby d'jour - very nana I know, I try to justify that it appears to be a hip hobby in the states. I'd be keen to hear from any other Kiwi's out there especially in Auckland and especially if you have come out of the knitting closet - perhaps even doing your own version of stich'n'bitch.

Kneurosis because knitting is just a great excuse to talk about all the other things going on in life. And like knitting I need to have the pressure of socialising the topic in order for the project to finish.

The current project I need to finish is a hoodie for my puberty struck daughter, its black (of course) 8 ply - just got to do the sleeves and hood. I'd like to say knitting black 8 ply sucks. Am starting beanie for son. And planning something for me finally. I actually read more about knitting than I probably knit.

I'm strictly a plain knitter, despite mastering fair isle, intarsia and lacy patterns in my teens, this second coming of the knitting bug is strictly meditative. Give me the smooth rythmic stocking stich where I can knit my minds wheels into turning a little slower. Somebody once told me that knitting was used as therapy for drug rehabilitation as it was good to reprogramme the mind.

Currently I'm avoiding working. A couple of days a week I work from home - which is great but so far a couple of the downfalls I've discovered are
- there is no one to delegate the dishes to
- if I'm feeling sleepy I have no excuse not to lie on the sofa and snooze
- the pantry

The good thing about knitting - I look forward to quiet nights in, I don't feel guilty watching TV, I have always got a handy prod to induce action into my #1 cup of tea maker.